Saehltien Raejnoemaennien Soptsestimmieh

I'm a Swedish South Saami and Scottish Gaelic man based in the part of Saepmie currently occupied by the Swedish State. I guess I could best describe myself as an Indigenous scholar, activist, language rights advocate, translator and teacher.

Homophobia is alive and well in Sweden

Swedes tend to pat themselves on the back when it comes to discussions dealing with LGBT issues; the last couple of days I’ve seen quite a large number of Swedes boast about how ‘we allowed gays to marry way back in 2009, and in churches at that’ and I can’t help but thinking that while this is the case, they always fail to mention that hate crimes against homosexual and trans* people have risen dramatically and that churches have the right to deny homosexual people to use their buildings for their weddings, despite the law that supposedly allows them to marry.

But anyway.

Sweden, where LGBT people can all live freely and happily without getting attacked by bigots - yeah fuck that fairy tale noise.

This is Tim Johan Fjällman, a young man from Arjepluovve in northern Sweden.

And this is his car.

Tim Johan's been in a relationship with a man for a couple of years and rather than having been left alone by the other citizens of Arjepluovve, his life has been turned into hell by homophobic twats and incompetent police officers. Over the last two years, he and his boyfriend have had their doors and windows smashed repeatedly by a gang of five men opposing their sexuality. They've had their cars vandalised and their possessions stolen and destroyed and they've been threatened and physically abused repeatedly by homophobes in the tiny municipality.

Now, you’d think that the police would react when someone’s receiving death threats or having their noses broken by wankers repeatedly, but despite having made 37 complaints to the police over 2 years, each case has been readily dismissed by the police who claims that ‘there aren’t enough proofs of these crimes out there to prosecute the homophobes’.

Sweden + LGBT Rights =/= true.