Saehltien Raejnoemaennien Soptsestimmieh

I'm a Swedish South Saami and Scottish Gaelic man based in the part of Saepmie currently occupied by the Swedish State. I guess I could best describe myself as an Indigenous scholar, activist, language rights advocate, translator and teacher.

Because I’ve been offline for so long, here are some incredibly silly photos my sister and I took this weekend, mainly because I was bored.

I think the traditional way of introducing photos like the ones above on Tumblr is “I don’t even”, but you deserve a back-story.

In short it all started with me saying, halfway through a pewter wire embroidered bracelet “Screw this, I’m bored, so I’m going to try braiding my hair, so that I look like Obelix, that seems like a better way to spend my evening at the moment”. And off I went (how the hell do you people do it, it’s harder than it looks …) and when I’d finished, my sister took a look at my half-arsed attempt and said, with no lack of utter contempt aimed at my braids, “Pah, I can do that better”, and then she was adding green yarn and what not to my hair while I was sitting there, going all “Ok, what the fuck’s happening”.

But yeah.

Then we decided that seeing as the silliness had already begun, we couldn’t just leave it at that, god no, so I decided to make a toga of a sheet and then these photos happened.


Behold the Roman emperor, Ioannes Ericus Martinus.

Ave Caesar!